Save Food 节约粮食
2021-06-29 04:29:27

As a child, I am so luck. I don’t need to worry about food. I always have enough delicious food, live in a big house, and have beautiful clothes to dress. I am so happy that I have no idea to treasure all these things. I am a kind of particular about food. I often eat a little for one dish and the throw it away, because I have many choices. I will be full after eating several dishes. But one day, I watch a piece of news on TV. It is about some Africa children who are suffering starvation. They are so poor. They are not only having no food to eat but also having little water to drink. A bowl of rice is very rare for them. Seeing their longing eyes, I feel guilty. I am regret about wasting food before. How can I waste so much rare food? From now on, I will try my best to save food, to do something for them.