My Classmate
2021-09-04 02:50:51

My classmate Lily2 is my best friend. She has two big eyes and black short hair. She is an ordinary-looking girl, and doesn’t care for her clothes at all. And she is

oad-minded, therefore, it is always easy to get on well with her. She works hard at all the subjects and does very well in our class. Besides, she is a warm-hearted girl and is always ready to help whomever in trouble. I like her very much!

Lily2’s favorite food is burger. Her favorite drink is coke, and her favorite sport is badminton. She often plays badminton with me in P.E classes. She likes to draw pictures, too. I’m sure she will become an excellent artist in the future.

I do hope she does well in her studies and make progress every day.