My Spring Festival我的春节
2021-12-01 20:25:54

There are lots of festivals in the world. But my favourite one is Spring Festival.

Spring Festival is in January or Fe

uary. It is the most traditional festival in China. People call it “Chinese New Year” too.

Before Spring Festival, there is a Spring Festival’s eve. On that day, first we clean and decorate our house. Then we gather together and have a big meal with my family. After that we watch CCTV Gala and wait for the TV presenters count the numbers. When it is twelve o’clock of New Year’s Day, All the fireworks are blooming in the sky. All the people Shout,”New year is coming!”

After Spring Festival’s eve, that’s the New Year. On that day all the people will go outside and meet their friends and say” Happy New Year!” to them. My family always put many candies and cookies on the table and my father stays at home waits for his friends. My mother and I go out to visit out friends. During the Spring Festival I always get lots of lucky money from my family and our friends. I really love this day/

I love Spring Festival! What a lovely festival!