Campus Activities 校园活动
2021-06-29 23:50:10

Campus Activities

Campus activities have been organized in many universities and colleges.

These activities range from academie to recreational,such as academic

reports, speech contests, poet’s club, painting clubs、singing and dancing groups, etc.

These activities provide students with two major advantages. First of all, they play a positive role in improving students’ studies. Due to their heavy schedules, students are often buried in textbooks and seldom expose themselves to a colorful life. But the various activities provide opportunities for them to relax themselves and enrich their minds. In addition, the activities also serve students living in the “ivory tower” more chances to get in touch with society. From these activities, the participants have to leave the classroom and get to know the society.

All these offer an important means for students to broaden their horizons. By .participating in campus activities, they have fulfilled university life and in turn help campus activities to .grow and flourish. (154 words)



校园活动巳在多所大学如火如荼地展开。这些活动从学术到娱乐, 内容丰富,例如学术报告、演讲比赛、诗人倶乐部、美术倶乐部、歌舞团等。

这些活动使学生具有两大优势。首先,它们在提高学生的学习方面 起到了积极作用。由于繁重的课业,学生们常常被埋在课本堆中,很少 让自己接触丰富多彩的生活。但各种各样的活动为他们提供了放松身心 和丰富思想的机会。此外,各种活动也使生活在“象牙塔”中的学生获 得更多接触社会的机会。参加这些活动,参与者们必须离开教室,熟悉 社会。

所有的这些都为学生们拓宽视野提供了一个重要的途径。通过参与 校园活动,他们拥有充实的校园生活,这反过来也促进了校园活动的发 展和繁荣。


organize v.组织
range from ... to... 范围从……到……
be buried in ...埋头于
seldom adv.很少
expose oneself to ...使自己暴
recreational adj. 娱乐的
academic report 学术报告报告
speech contest 演讲比赛 露于…… relax v.
poet’s club 诗社
painting club写生小组
provide ... with ...为 提供
play a positive role in doing ... 在方面起积极的作用
due to由于
heavy schedule繁重的课业负担
get in touch with ...与 取得联系
participant n.参加者
broaden v.护大
fulfill v.实现
in turn反过来
flourish v.繁荣