On Excessive Packaging 过渡包装
2021-04-09 23:11:47

With the fast development of economy, various productsare full of our lives. However, taking a look around, no one will not noticethat most goods are decorated with many beautiful, attractive but excessivepackaging. This phenomenon should arouse people’s wide concerns.


The phenomenon exists for a number of factors. For onething, the majority of people are tending to present the gifts which haveexcessive packaging to their bosses, friends or relatives in festivals. Most ofthem pay more attention to the appearance than the gift itself. For another, inview of people’s vanity, more and more merchants are inclining to put moreemphasis on the appearance than quality to adapt to consumers’ demand. Inaddition, the merchants can get higher profit by excessively packing. Therefore,the merchants take delight in excessive packaging.


Nevertheless, excessive packaging has brought some badeffects in our life. On the one hand, consumers have to pay for the extra costwhen they buy commodities. And it will increase the burden of consumers. On theother hand, it will disturb the market’s order if all merchants focus on theappearance than the quality of goods. What’s worse, excessive packaging causesthe waste of resources and serious environment pollution.


Thus, some effective actions should be taken to stopexcessive packaging as soon as possible so that we can keep the stabledevelopment of market and protect our earth better.