2021-06-16 23:03:41

Ocean Park is very exciting and fun. The cable car is very good, when you look out the window, you will see very beautiful scenery, but one thing I don’t like is we need to wait 45 minutes. If you want to go quickly, you can take the ocean train, just like the subway. It’s very fast.

When you go up, ther are many rides, like a roller coaster, water ride and many things to do. I want to cry when my mom and I get on the roller coaster. I yelled, because the roller coaster is so exciting. I don’t want to ride it again, so I go to the ocean museum, and the polar bear place. The last thing is very good, it’s a waterride. We are very bored when we were in the middle. Suddenly, the water is pushing the boat. “Ahhhh!” I’m shouting, I’m very excited, the water is very fast, then the boat goes down. “Wow!” My mom yelled, and the ride is over. Our shirts are all wet, and the sky is almost dark, so we leave the park, and go back to Kowloon Hotel.

What a fun day!