My dream job 我的理想职业
2021-04-22 19:19:45


组员 理想职业 原因

Mary 时装设计师(fashion designer) 喜欢漂亮衣服,擅长绘画
Kate 园艺工(gardener) 喜爱植物,想让城市更美
Mike 作家 愿意与别人分享精彩故事
Tom 厨师 为别人煮健康美味的食物

你 ? ?


Recently we did a survey in our class in order to learn about students’ ideal jobs. Here’s a report about my group members’ ideas。
Hopefully everyone can realize their dreams in the future。

★ 范文

Mary wants to be a fashion designer because she likes beautiful clothes and is good at drawing. Kate wants to be a gardener, she lives plants, and she wants to make the cities better. Mike would like to be a writer. He’d like to share his wonderful stories with others. Tom would like to be a cook. He’d like to cook delicious food for others. I would like to be a policeman. I want to protect the people safe。