Our duty我们的责任
2021-09-20 04:38:43

Our duty

Do you know the importance of water? Many people don’t understand it. On the one hand, water is the most important of all the things we eat and drink.The human body can’t go without water for a long time. On the other hand, water is important for industy. If a country doesn’t have enough water, many things can’t be produced. In the end, what will happen? I guess you must know the result.

But now, the water that we can drink is getting less and less. Many rivers are polluted and get dry. So many people are facing the same problem in the world.They don’t have enough water to take showers, even to drink.Our earth is a beautiful blue planet because of water.If there is no water some day. We can’t imagine what the planet will be like.

First of all, I think, we should save water. For example, we can use the water that we have washed vegetables to clean the bathroom.

Then, we should protect water. For example, don’t throw the trash into the river and so on.

Let’s protect our water. Let’s protect our world.