To protect forests保护森林
2021-06-07 19:39:50

Forests are important to humans. Forests can make air fresh. They also help to hold the water and keep the water cycling. They can control the climate. They provide places to live for thousands of plants and animals. Without forests, many plants and animals would die out. Forests also give us wood, food, fruit, medicine and many more useful things.

But now, rainforests are becoming smaller and smaller. So we should protect them. We shouldn’t cut down trees and plant more trees.

A School Fashion Show

Yesterday morning, our school held a fashion show. Many boys and girls went to model in the show. They wore all kinds of clothes, and they looked attractive and lovely. They made different poses to show their own styles and rich fashion cultures. The other students watched it excitedly and cheered for their favorite models. What a wonderful fashion show! I love it.