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Living in the concrete jungle, we have to admit that our busy. extravagant lives are corroding our souls little by little. Only by being close to nature can we recover our vitality and go back our true selves. Breathing in fresh air, smelling the fragrance of flowers and listening to the sounds of birds and streams, we can release our tensions and listening to the sounds of birds and streams, we can our tensions and cleanse our minds of the tiresome things around us. Form the journey of water, we can understand the circle of life. Also, we can learn to be kind people from the peace of mountains. We can learn a lot as we enjoy the cozy atmosphere of nature. We may consider nature as a great book, and noting in the can delight us as much as it!






由于汉字与发音没有紧密联系,所以,孩子学汉字,除了学汉字笔画,还要单独学一套注音系统,比如大家熟悉的“汉语拼音”。当然,汉语毕竟是母语,孩子在母语环境下,早就知道常用汉字的发音,汉语拼音只是锦上添花。孩子们通过拼音注释读物,自己就能掌握更多艰深汉字的发音。我见到五年级的孩子,竟能念出 “耄耋之年”、“饕餮盛宴”这样的语汇。


美、英、澳、加等英语系国家的孩子们,自幼学习 Phonics(自然拼音),老师帮助孩子掌握字母、以及字母组合的发音。说白了,单词无非是 a, b, c, d 的排列组合,掌握各种字母组合的发音,自然就掌握了单词发音。



Let me begin my speech with a replay of scenes familiar to most, if not all, of those present here today.

Mum, im sorry, but i need 3,000 yuan for my tuition this year.

Mum, it is my friends birthday tomorrow, i must buy her a present.

Mum, this jacket was out of fashion long ago, would you do me a favor?

Take the relationship between a mother and a child always seems to follow such a pattern.

I know my mother is always there for me, providing me with everything i need; from food to clothing, from tuition to pocket money.

I never thought twice about all she did until one day she said, will there be a time that you’ll say you have taken enough from me?

Like a child endlessly asking, we humans, throughout history, have been continually demanding what we desire from nature.

We enjoy the comfort and beauty of our furniture, yet we never bother to think about the serious soil erosion caused by deforestation.

We take it for granted that we must warm ourselves in winter times, yet we seldom realize the burning away of precious natural resources.

We appreciate all the prosperity from the development of modern industry, yet few would give the slightest consideration to the global air and water pollution caused by industrial wastes.

Our ruthless exploitation has permanently impaired our mother earth.

As we tragically learned from last summers floods.

We cannot continue our carelessness.

Finally, standing here at the threshold of the 21st century, we cannot help thinking of our posterity.

Nature is not only the mother of the present generation, but also the mother of the generations to come.

How severely our descendents will criticize us if we leave them a barren and lifeless mother? How much more they will appreciate us if we give them a world of harmony to inherit? Let us start respecting and caring for nature from now on.

Let us start the campaign of creating a mutually beneficial relationship between people and nature right from this moment.

With this new start, i firmly believe, that our children, and our children’s children will live in a brand new age of green trees, clean air, crystal water, blue sky and an even more promising world!




要求:文章语言流畅,逻辑清晰,用词准确,80—100字左右;词汇参考:地震earthquake悲痛sorrow受到感动be deeply moved安慰comfort重建rebuild自愿做某事volunteer to do sth


On May 12th, a big earthquake happened in Wenchun, Sichuan. Many people lost their relatives and their homes. All the Chinese people feel quite sorrow.

A lot of people volunteer to help them. Some people raise money for them, some people buy something for them, some people go there to comfort the sad children. Thousands of soldiers help them to save their relatives and rebuild their homes Even foreign friends also give them a hand.

I’m deeply moved by these people. So I’ll use my pocket money to buy some food and school things for the children there. I think all of us should try our best to help them to get out of the trouble together.



As we know, our country suffered heavy snow last Spring Festival. Everything was covered with heavy snow. It made the buses, trains and planes stop. Millions of people couldn't go home. Many people suffered trouble. There was no food, water or light in some places. Our government called on people to fight against heavy snow. As a student, I think we should learn from those heroes. We must study hard at school. We should learn all kinds of nowledge to make our motherland stronger, better and richer.

初中英语作文:我的自行车My Bike


Bike is a common and popular traffic tool in China. Almost everyone owns a bike. I have a black bike. It has been a good friend of mine. I clean it almost every day at the beginning. Now I just leave it alone because of my busy study. But it still does me good service.


在世界环保日来临前夕,联合国教科文组织就如何保护自然资源问题向全世界中学生征文。请根据提示以“Preserving Natural Resource”(保护自然资源)为题,写一篇英语短文。






Preserving Natural Resources

Through the changes in the ways of making a living in a family over several generations, man has been warned against waste of natural resources and emphasizing the urgent need to preserve these resources.

Ever since man appeared on the earth, man's survival has been heavily relied on nature. Almost everything we use in our everyday life comes from notate, ranging from the food we eat, the water we drink, to the wood which is tm'ned into furniture.With the development of technology and population growth, the amount and range of materials used has increased at an alarming rate.However, natural resources are not inexhaustible. Some reserves are already on the brink of exhaustion and there is no hope of replacing them. The widespread water shortage is an example in point. If man continued to squander natural resources with no thought for the future, the later generations would be in danger. It is up to us to take effective measures before the situation gets out of hand.





For the behavior of human, nature and the earth mother gave us a words: "who done no wrong, and that could change, be not." People seemed to understand the meaning of this sentence, and began to enjoy the environment of the protection of the environment at the same time, hope in harmony with nature.

Said to the man and nature in harmony, for example, we see a tree to plant a tree, to do everything in our power to our compensation fault before, treat every inch, protect animals...

People began to afforestation and the protection of animals, is also a lot of propaganda slogans on television. People in the desert near to shelter forest, prevent dust storms. Remember there is a news said: "an old man near their HuangShanPo value on trees, trees when I was a child, every day he came to see once, pouring water or weeding, seedlings grown up now, he has to go to other places to plant trees, he said, he is old and his son, and his son is old son's son." Old man planting trees have spent, also. Can such a man, what can't we? Wenxin after reports, it is more and more people began to plant trees. A lot of naughty children no longer draw out a bird's nest, but long accompanied by building the bird's nest at home. These things have become common now.

I believe in that way, the earth mother will restore the original beauty, man and nature will become more harmonious to get along, is more prosperous, human life more beautiful! Finally remember a words: "be gentle with the earth _ scientific development, harmonious.






Convenience and Nature





When we go to the dining hall of our college, we use disposable chopsticks. Those chopsticks are made of wood, and the wood comes from our forest.

It is always easy for people to accept things which can bring convenience to them. So when the disposable utensils come into use, they become popular at once. Countless chopsticks are discarded after eachmeal. People get used to it, but Nature does not. Therefore, sandstorms ravage the land; desert expands its territory; floods and droughts claim lives and property. Nature is expressing her objection to such convenience in her own way for the loss of her forest.

It is high time we stopped pursuing convenience regardless of Natare. Although their is a long way for us to go to raise everyone‘s awareness of environmental protection, we must try our best to let everyone love and protect our Mother Nature, for her sake and for our own sake as well.


We often say that the earth is our homeland and human society comes from nature。


Therefore, I think our society is a part of nature。 People should live harmoniously with nature。


All the materials we need to live with come from nature, but we should also repay the nature, rather than blindly solicit。


For example, we should plant more trees and take actions to protect the environment。


In addition, we have to control population。


Due to excessive population growth, human beings require much more natural resources than before, which lead to excessive pressure on nature。


In order to long—term development, the population growth must be controlled。


We all come from nature which is our homeland, so we must try best to protect it。




What is nature? It’s everything that exists in the world independently of people, such as pants and animals, earth and rocks, and the weather. Now more and more people are focusing on the nature. It is no doubt that the nature is important to every human being. No nature, no life. Because of the supplies of the nature, we have lived happily for a long time. And we started to gain every thing available from the nature. And this lasted so long a time. Today, people have discovered that the nature around is getting worse and worse.

What is threatening the nature? Air and water pollution, overharvesting of plant and animal species, overpopulation and so on. Overpopulation is the biggest source of pollution. Let’s take overpopulation as an example.

What does overpopulation feel like? When we move slowly through the city in a tazi. When we enter a crowded slum district. When the temperature is high and when the air is thick with dust and smoke. The streets are crowded with people. The streets seem alive with people. People eating. People washing. People talking. People sleeping. People visiting each other, arguing and screaming. People relieving themselves. People pushing their hands through the taxi windows, begging. People leading animals. People, people, people, people. As we drive slowly through the crowd, sounding the taxi’s horn, the dust, heat, noise and cooking fires made it like a scene from hell! I admit, frightening.

To the nature, overpopulation is a big problem. More people, more pollution. And the big population is threatening the nature every second.

The rapid rise in world population is not creating problems only for the developing countries. The whole world faces the problem that raw materials are being used up at an increasing rate and food production can not keep up with the population increase. People in rich countries make the heaviest demands on the world’s resources, its food, fuel and land, and cause the most pollution. A baby born in the United States will use in his lifetime 30 times more of the world’s resources than a baby born in India. Unless all the countries of the world take united action to deal with the population explosion there will be more and more people fighting for a share of less and less land, food and fuel, and the future will bring poverty, misery and war to us all.

For most of the developing countries, it is a good idea to control the population growth. For example, China has carried out birth control for years. And this plan has a great effect on the world population.

If the population continues to increase, if the air and water continue to be polluted, if we don’t do something to protect wild-plant and wildlife species will be declining. Species and biological munities have difficulty adapting to change. Economic opportunities and the quality of life of future generations are also put at risk. By protecting nature, we protect ourselves.

Let’s unite together, hand in hand we stand all across the land.

We can make this world in which to live. Hand in hand. Control the population growth. Take good care of our nature.


Last weekend, I wanted to swim in the river that I usually wen in the When I went there, I was The river is no longer like It was full of It seemed that the rubbish is from the villagers In order to put the rubbish nearer, they put all of them into the Not only the water is not clean any more, the river also smelt I real Why human and the environment couldn’t live harmonious? Long time ago, they could get along with each Why not now? People have to stop their behavior to harm the Otherwise, it would cause destruction to both



Dear friends,

I’m awfully sorry to hear that a horrible and severe earthquake unexpectedly hit your hometown. Faced with such a rarely-seen disaster, you remain so calm and strong-willed that we are all moved to tears. A friend in need is a friend indeed. Thinking about your present situation, we can not wait a minute to make every bit of our effort to help you. I express my most sincere pity and care for you. Besides, i make a donation of 500 yuan to you, expecting that it can help you go through the difficulty. A better hometown can be rebuilt. Therefore, never give up whatever happens. Remember we won’t be far away when you need any help!


As we all know, one’s life is full of unexpected events, some of which are wonderful and some of which are disastrous. Those heavy blows, such as, floods, snowstorms, and earthquakes, threaten to weigh one down.

However, it’s even worse if one can’t drag himself out of the grief in that break-down in the sprit is more serious than the disaster itself. Instead of indulging oneself in sadness, one should be positive of life and contribute to the reconstruction of the hometown.

As to me, if I am not the victim of a disaster, I will try my best to help those who are suffering by donation blood or money. If I am a victim, I will try my best to recover from the sadness as soon as possible and try to be strong and supportive to the recovery work.


Natural disasters are extreme, sudden events caused by environmental factors that injure people and damage property. wild tornado, white-out blizzard, raging wildfire, powerful hurricane all strike anywhere on earth, often without warning.

Thousands of people die each year due to natural disasters. It brings on situations that can range from merely uncomfortable to life-threatening.

There's little doubt,however,that natural disasters in most areas result primarily from human activities rather than natural processes.

the changes of the earth crust itself make the climate differs from place to place.This lead to the imbalance porprotion of the distributing of natural resources.For example,At the eastcoast of china is possessed by dense precipitation while the westcoast devoid of precipitation.


We, as human of higher organisms in nature, for thousands of years in peace and harmony with nature, is home to the survival of nature has given us, we should thank it, protect it. But, in recent years, people have been in the destruction of nature, reformation nature. For example: people don't garbage everywhere scatters; Air pollution from factories, the tail gas from the cars have polluted the air; People also use the plane to deinsectization sprinkled pesticide in trees, polluting the environment; Of the more hateful and deforestation, killing animals. The destruction of nature, countless, chilling.

Humans, of course, also can't get away from the punishment of nature. People deforestation, soil erosion, land desertification area is larger and larger. People dig mountain mining, building roads and other activities, the mountain is not stable, so that it is easy to form a landslide or debris flow. According to statistics, in 1991 September 23 the sun village ditch landslide only 3 minutes, 18 million cubic meters of slope out of more than 3600 meters, 216 people were killed and eight people were injured and damaged house 202, nearly 300 head buried livestock, covering more than 300 mu of farmland, flooded roads more than 350 meters, the damaged cables and communication lines of more than 300 meters, direct economic loss of more than 100 ten thousand yuan! Is really horrible.

To avoid the punishment of nature, let us live in peace and harmony with nature, use natural resources reasonably, to protect the nature together!