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When July comes, it is the hottest time of the whole summer. Many of my friends have chosen to travel to the cool place, so as to avoid the stuffy air. As for me, I don’t like to travel in this hot weather. I just want to stay indoors and enjoy the quiet moment. I like to sit near the window, watching outside scenery. Sometimes I will read some books, enjoy the novel and make myself lost in the fiction world. The things I like to do most is to find a coffee shop and then choose a table that is near the window, so that I can see all the situation. I will bring my computer and then play the computer for the whole afternoon. It is what I like to do in the summer. I enjoy it.



Previous two days suddenly blew the gale, the weather as soon asdropped 7, 8, morning lay down on the bed, look at outside the windowthe crazy undulation tree, a summer such has passed by, this was mylast summer vacation, this summer vacation was I in the home dull timelongest summer vacation, occasionally went to grandfather the family,exited except the good friend plays is staying in the home,because began school late, finally two week also nobody panied meto exit plays, I unexpectedly one continually stayed in the home 5day, Lian Mendu had not left, Last the summer vacation harvests alsomany, I learned to prepare food, watched several Han play, althoughthe plot was approximately same,or liked.Although all is therepetition similar life daily,two months or on the past, hoped inan instant last the year plete mark the period in my last bythe student status study!


Know the noisy tearing his voice shouting, the pool of water lilies slowly opened the hazy eyes.

Dragonflies fly from the surface slightly sideways in the shuttle between the leaves, from time to time to roll down the dew to wet its wings.

Summer wake up in the lotus pool.

Lying on the soft and comfortable grass, the face of the wind to bring a little hot face.

The flowers were in full bloom, and the birds were singing in their branches.

Summer run in the wilderness.

Everything seems to burn up,

The world is a warm red.

Lotus on the seven-color rainbow, who is not careful down the pigments?

Summer is bathed in the light of the light.












Summer is the great season for all sports in the open air. It is the season for baseball which is often called the national sport because of its popularity. I usually watch television and read the

newspaper reports about the baseball results of the newspaper reports about the baseball results of the little leagues. During the summer I like to go to the beach often because it is very close to my home in the village. I usually go there bur in the summer vacation to relax after many months in school in the city. I feel very comfortable with the familiar quiet of the villagers.


夏天是个美丽的季节,因为我们可以做户外运动。在夏天是属于 一个非常流行并被称作是全民运动(Joozone Note:国球)的棒球的季节。我经常观看电视和阅读一些关于棒球比赛结果的报纸与棒球小联赛的比赛结果。夏天我喜欢去海滨,种种程度上是因为那离我家(度假村)很近。在城市几个月的上学后,我们可以在暑假去那放松放松。农村人的热情及农村的安静让我感觉异常的舒适。


I live in the south city, so when the summer comes, the sun is very strong and the air is so stuffy, I feel so uncomfortable. I have a friend from Guilin, she tells me that summer in Guilin is not that hot, the air is cool in the morning.

So I decide to spend a month in Guilin. Guilin’s mountain and water are special, the water is clean and the mountain has many shapes.

It is really comfortable here, the air is so fresh. The most obvious feature of people here is that their skin is white. Because the summer is short here and the sun is not that strong, so people have a good summer time.



Summer is the second season of the year. When summer comes, it is getting hot and sunny. The days are getting longer and the nights are getting shorter, for the sun gets up early and goes to bed late.

The world has become a green world, green leaves on the trees, green grass by the river, green plants in the fields, and we can see beautiful flowers everywhere. Birds sing from morning till night.

It's so hot that all of the children go swimming in rivers or lakes, and the old people sit under big trees to enjoy the cool air, but the farmers are still busy working in the fields.