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Our city is quite different now.30 years ago,there werent subway、highway and factories.There werent many people,too.But now,there are many people.There are many subway、highway and factories.There are many cars and buses.

Lift is very fast now.There are good!





great changes has happend nearly this years.with the economy and science developed at a very speed,we can feel something increased in our lives that we can enjoy our lives better.

the road got to broader,the mansion and building changed to more and more,even the atmosphere and enviorment around us got to reach perfect.

the city also got beautiful,we can walk to the park and the lake to breath well.

the civilization and the standard of living got better that we can lead a beatific life.


Now,Let me show you our city——Shenzhen.Shenzhen is a big 、beautiful city now.However,it has changes a lot.

30 years ago.Shenzhen was a small city.There werent many people.But today there are a lot of people in our town . There were a few tall buildings .Now ,there are a lot of tall buildings in Shenzhen.There were no subways and there was only one or two harbour.And now ,there are five subways and a lot of harbours. 30 years ago, there werent mang highways.But now, there are plenty of highuays. There were no tunnels.But today, we have a lot of tunnels. There were some bridges and now there are many bridges. Shenzhens traffic is also very busy now . There are a lot of buses、 taxis、cars and trucks.Life is very fast now.

Do you like our city? What about your city? Our city is quite different now. What do you think of our city?


living in a big city英语作文(一)

Compared to last years' statistics, this year more and more youngsters would like to launch a career in first-tier cities. There is no doubt that residing in big cities brings more chances to be hired and promoted. Futher benefits associated with big cities are higher income, indeed decent social status, and the most prevalent pastimes.

Virtually, each coin has two sides. There are also lots of disadvantages living in first-tier cities. With the explosive growth of house price and higher price of commodities,inevitably, you would burden more pressure living in big cities. Likewise, big city has a dense and large population. As a result, you may encounter vast crowds of people when you are out, and you have to wait in a long queues at the hospitals when you get ill as well.

In my points, only by discovering yourself and knowing what's your niche areas can you hope to lead a better life. As for fortune, as for fame, they are of no consequence just like floating clouds. Nothing is more significant than your own happiness.

living in a big city英语作文(二)

The city is the place where all industrial, cultural and educational centers are situated. In big cities you can find museums, theaters, clubs, cinemas, big shops and hospitals, comfortable modern flats.

People try to live in cites because all necessary objects are situated nearby. For example if you get ill a hospital or a chemist's shop will be situated near your home in the city, and if you live in the country it will be hard to find any medical help very quickly.

Also in big cites you can find all sorts of entertainment such as cinemas, clubs entertaining parks and so on. Many people like to spend their free time there because it helps them to relax and bring them a lot of pleasure.

It is really convenient that everything you need in daily life is situated near you. One of the most important comforts of big cites is that you can quickly get everywhere you like by underground, bus, trolleybus. Also in big cities there is electricity therefore you can use electrical devices such as TV sets, computers, radio, microwave oven, refrigerators and so on.

One more thing, without which it would be impossible to live today is the telephone and where there is a telephone there is also Internet. The communication (связь) has huge value in the life of people and we have got used to it to such extent that if there is no telephone we feel uncomfortable and lonely.

Yes, it is really comfortable, and at first glance everything is good but nowadays big cites there are a great amount of cars and factories. Big cites suffer of overpopulation, dirty air, and water, The streets became noisy and after hardworking day people cannot relax.

People try to do everything to go to the countryside because only there they can find silence. Every holiday and every weekend people try to leave their houses and go to the country.

I live in … district. The ecological conditions here are very bad because near my house a lot of industrial objects are situated. For example near … factory is situated. As for me I prefer to live in a big city because a lot of big shops are situated near my home, but I also like to spend my holidays in the country because after living in the city for about 9 months I begin to get tired.


With the development of new technology and increasing population, more and more modern architecture, which is attractive, are built in the big city. The number of people who want to live in the big city is keeping climbing.

However, there are both advantages and disadvantages to live in the big city. Living in the big city do may bring much convenience to people. Because the supermarket, food shops and clothes shops are everywhere, you can make a purchase as you like. Furthermore, there are parks, zoos, museums and so on accessible to people, where people can relax from hard work mentally and enrich their knowledge.But on the other hand, the big city are always crowded, people living there are more likely to suffer from heavy pressure.What is more, the environment in the big city has been polluted, which has bad effect on the health of people.

In my opinion, we should pay more attention to protecting our surroundings when we live in the big city, making it greener and harmony. Only in this way, can we enjoy living in the big city to the full.


Nowadays, with globalization making the world more interconnected, a trend of accepting higher education has been on the rise. There are many students considering studying abroad, and here are some of the challenges they may confront with.

The first one is being exposed to a totally exotic environment. People who studied abroad will be open to everything new and strange. On social level, they also meet a diverse range of counterparts. Sometimes it is no easy to become the ice-breaker.

The other challenge may come from their family, or to be specific, the oversea students will be more likely to be homesick, especially for those who are in their first year, and their parents will share that feeling with them.

Besides, we shall not forget the obstacles of culture and language. It is quite often that even if they can understand every single word, they will still fail to grasp the true meaning.

Despite all these challenges, there are still great amount of people choose to study abroad, because great challenges always come along with great opportunities.


Nowadays, the price of house has increasing so fast, which brings great pressure to the young generation. Many young people choose to stay in the big cities to fight for their future. Indeed, big cities means more chances to realize their dreams. Young people are full of passion and they need to be given more chances to find their own places.

What's more, when you are working with the excellent co-workers, you will know what kind of skills you should be equipped with, thus to get improved. While there also comes with the negative sides. The traffic gets congested during the working hours and the air is polluted badly. In addition, the fast pace of lifestyle makes people easy to lose themselves. In all, living in the big cities is still the main choice for young people, even though they face some challenges.


In the eyes of many people, city is attractive with all its advantages and conveniences. People can buy almost all kinds of things at supermarkets or shopping malls, dine out in good restaurant, they can have more educational opportunities. However, with the expansion the city, more and more people are flowing into the big city. Now the traffic is heavier and heavier. The pollution problem is getting more and more serious.

The living condition is worse and worse. Most people love the advantages of city life, but a big city also has its disadvantages.




I prefer to live in the big city. I was a rural child. When I was a little kid, I was curious about kids living in the big cities. Great school, modern equipment, luxurious house, they were one of my dreams in the childhood. But now, I am a college student, and I still want to live in the big city and I don’t want to be a small fish in a big pond. A big city always means more opportunities, more career development and naturally higher salary.


In addition, my future children are inclined to get an education with a higher quality compared with the counterparts who live in the small city. Furthermore, there are more commodities and services, more available public utility, even more foreign guys to communicate with. You know, as an English major student, it is really essential yardstick.


Every upside has a downside. I have to admit that living in a small city has its own advantages, like less completion pressure, more fresh air and a quieter atmosphere. But personally speaking, to live in a metropolis is never an unwise choice for me.



I vividly recall my first visit, as a boy of twelve, to a big town. i had hardly been outside the confines (边缘) of the village where i was born and i had met and talked to no more than a few hundred people; but those few hundred i knew very well.

Of course we did sometimes see a strange face, but visitors from the outside world, whose coming always aroused great excitement, were few and far between (稀少). when i reached the town that i mentioned i was first overcome by the striking change from the slow and quiet life i had been used to. surely those swiftly (迅速地) moving vehicles (车辆) must inevitably collide (必然碰撞) with each other----or with us----at any moment, and those tall building collapse (倒坍) and crush (压碎) us all! but i soon forgot those fears and began to notice something even more amazing (令人惊奇的) ----the crowds of people on the pavements (人行道) who were hurrying past each other without a smile. it gradually dawned on me (我渐渐明白) that not only were they not interested in one another; they were strangers, and apparently (明显地) quite content (满意地) to remain so. it was the lack of friendliness among them which most deeply distressed (使痛苦)me.

I know that if we are to profit from the innumerable mechanical inventions (获益于无数机械发明) of this scientific age it is necessary for us to live together in large communities (社区). we are thus enabled (使能够) to provide and enjoy material benefits (利益) which are rarely available (少有的) in small villages----such amenities (令人愉快的事情) as good sanitation (环境卫生), cheap transport (交通), well-stocked (货物贮备充足的) shops----and in addition the very fact of our living together in large numbers makes it possible for us to live a richer social and cultural life. yet it seems to me that the mechanical inventions demand from ordinary men and women so much of their time and attention that they have none left for their fellow human beings.

When i think of those crowded pavements and of those thousands of people hurrying to and fro (来来往往) apparently with no thought for others i cannot help wondering whether the so-called (所谓的`) benefits of civilization (文明) in a mechanical age are not being purchased (购买)at too high a price.


Nowadays, traffic jam is a growing worry for the residents in most metropolises, contributing to irritation of drivers and pedestrians. How to cope with this problem??Almost all local government in China is irritated by this problem. From my point of view, it’s evident that we should pay more attention to this issue and any country or city which turns a blind eye to this issue will pay a heavy cost.

如今,大城市交通拥堵正成为大都市居民日益担心的问题,也令司机和行人感到焦虑与愤怒。如何面对这一难题?这个问题正在让几乎中国各地政府焦急。在我看来,很明显我们需要更多地关注这一问题,任何一个忽视这一问题的国家和城市都将付出惨重的代价。 In order to deal with this conundrum in the essence, firstly, I am firmly convinced that regulations that ban the abuse of private car must be taken into action. Personally, each family ought to have less than 3 cars, the individual who doesn’t abide by the rules must be punished or charged more taxation. 为了从本质上解决这一个问题,首先,我坚定地认为应该出台一个规定来限制私家车过度使用问题。我个人认为每个家庭最多拥有3辆汽车,任何一个不遵守这一规定的个人都将受到惩罚或是被征收更多的税款。 Additionally, the infrastructure also serves as a linchpin. Without roads and streets of high quality, the city’s transportation system will easily paralyzed during rush hours. Therefore, government should fix time and energy on the construction of infrastructure with high quality.另外,基础设施的建设也是一个关键。如果没有高质量的公路和街道,城市的交通系统就会在交通高峰期很容易瘫痪。所以,政府应当在建设高质量基础设施上下大工夫,花更多时间。 What’s more important, since this conundrum will not solved in a short period of time, it’s necessary for all drivers and pedestrians to have a good attitude towards traffic jam when traffic piles up. Great methods such as listening to the music, can readily relieve the anger and anxiety of drivers and pedestrians. ? 更重要的是,因为这一难题不会在短时间内得以解决,有必要让每一位司机或者行人在交通堵塞时保持一个良好的心态。一些好的方法诸如听听音乐,享受电台广播或者是和乘客聊天都易于缓解司机和行人的焦虑和愤怒。 With the cooperation of both government and individuals, we may finally get over this trouble with our perseverance, confidence and fortitude. 有了政府和个人的合作,我们一定会凭借我们坚持不懈的毅力和信心战胜这一问题。


In recent years there has been a marked growth of fire accidents in big cities of our country. almost every day we see fire engines rushing through the streets. fires have not only resulted in heavy economic losses but also injured and killed many people.what are the causes of fire accidents? most of the fires are brought about by carelessness and violation of fire safety regulations. others are due to the poor quality of home electrical appliances. by the way, some people dont know how to use them properly. besides,there are quite a few businesses which focus so much of their attention on profits that they tend to neglect and even ignore fire precautions.

In my opinion, in order to prevent fires we should first of all foster peoples sense of fire prevention. the second thing we have to do is to increase the number of professional fire fighters, to whom regular training courses should be offered. finally, we are to improve the eisting fire engines and add more fire facilities to high-rise buildings. in this way, a reliable fire prevention system will be formed.


Housing problem has become one of the biggest concerns for people in big cities. With the rapid development of industry and great increase in employment, more people are swarming into cities. Accommodations have become ever difficult, causing inconvenience to people's work and life.

Many proposals have been put forward to solve this problem. Some suggest that more high buildings be constructed. Some insist that the underground be developed. Others propose that satellite cities be built. Still others argue that cities should be expanded to move people to the suburbs.

Personally, I am in favor of building satellite cities in the suburbs. For one thing, these cities are not far away from big cities. It is still very convenient for people to go downtown as they wish. For another, the fresh air and adequate space there will be a great attraction for people who are living in crowded cities. If many people move to the satellite cities, the housing problem in big cities will cease to exist. I am against the idea of developing the underground. Because compared with building satellite cities, it is more costly. With each house to light even at daytime, we need a lot of electricity. Besides, it witt deprive people of the fresh air and bright sunshine which they can get so easily when they are above the ground.


Never in our history has the phenomenon that living in a big city become so common. As cities growing larger and larger, there has been a steady rise in the number of people who flood into those big cities. Obviously, it will give rise to a host of challenges to the new citizens.

First and foremost, people will have to face with the high living expenses. For most people in big cities, they have to rent to live and the cost of daily products may also see a rise.

Then, the challenge of working under great pressure couldn’t be denied. While having high salaries, people living in big cities will also encounter with intensive working pressure.

Finally, there may be other challenges like long commute distance, jammed traffic poor air conditions and etc., dealing with such issues can be really challenging.

Taking all these into account, there are still great amount of people choose to work and live in big cities, because great challenges always come along with great opportunities.


Modernization and urbanization bring both benefits and problems. In order to solve the problem of housing, high-rise buildings have been and are being put up in ever greater numbers in more and more big cities.

High-rise buildings have their advantages and disadvantages, of course. In urban areas where land is expensive, they take up less space. Some people say that high-rise buildings can give a city striking beauty.Some buildings are apartments, which can house hundreds of families under one roof.

On the other hand, high-rise buildings may be dangerous.What if there is a fire or an earthquake? What if power and water are in short supply? In addition, high-rise buildings/blocks may not be suitable for children and old people.

To conclude,it goes without saying that high-rise buildings are necessary, but their number should be limited.At the same time, effective measures must be taken to solve such problems as the supply of water and power.


Nowadays there appears a phenomenon that the western customs are spreading into the east countries step by step thus making many inhabitants who live in big cities enjoy themselves on these western festivals such as Christmas Day April Fool’s Day etc. Such phenomenon shows us that the world people are getting close gradually and the world is becoming smaller and smaller as well.

Therefore in my opinion it’s a normal phenomenon s well as a necessary trend.First of all it shows that we Chinese have become much opener rather than clinging to some very old customs which are opposite our living. Looking back on the history we can find the answer to why our China was very poor and weak in the 1800’s. Yes the answer is that we closed ourselves not to let other countries know about us and this led us to a very hard road on which we suffered many wars that many European countries launched. So I think it is more than necessary to accept other customs instead of closing ourselves. Of course festivals are just the beginning.What’s more the Open and Reform Policy results in this. So I want to say it is a great achievement for the policy. Since we took the policy into practice our country is developing with a rapid speed. No doubt it is an essential trend.Last but not the least we may get closer and closer not only to our home friends but also to many foreigners. We can never feel embarrassed for not knowing the other’s customs and manners.

And more misunderstandings can be avoided as well.To sum up the trend has its great advantage to a certain extent. However if we admire the western customs too much it will be a disadvantage because China is our own country all of us should enjoy a patriotic heart. Wish in the near future we can see the situation that westerners are enjoying themselves on the Spring Festival.


My favorite city in the world is Auckland, New Zealand. It is one of the world's best cities for living, also known as the "City of Sails" and the Queen City. There are many harbors, beaches, oceans and mountains, among which is the famous Rangitoto volcano.

If you like history, you can visit the Auckland Museum, the Auckland War Memorial Museum, the New Zealand National Maritime Museum and so on. If you like shopping, then go to the Queen Street, Parnell Road, and Ponsonby Road and enjoy yourself. If you like nature One Tree Hill, which is named for its lone tree on top of the hill will not disappoint you.At the foot of the hill,there are crowds of sheep and green grass.All is truly the Newzealand countryside style.

If you want to learn about Auckland's education, you can visit the University of Auckland.It's one of the most famours universities in the world.Founded in 1883,it has two campuses,sometimes you have to take a bus to go to different colleges

Auckland is an English-speaking country, so if you want to visit there, you'd better learn some English, or you‘ll have to take a transator with you.


在日常学习、工作或生活中,大家总免不了要接触或使用作文吧,作文是从内部言语向外部言语的过渡,即从经过压缩的简要的、自己能明白的语言,向开展的、具有规范语法结构的、能为他人所理解的'外部语言形式的转化。那么问题来了,到底应如何写一篇优秀的作文呢?下面是小编整理的living in a big city高二英语作文,欢迎大家分享。

Compared to last years' statistics, this year more and more youngsters would like to launch a career in first-tier cities. There is no doubt that residing in big cities brings more chances to be hired and promoted. Futher benefits associated with big cities are higher ine, indeed decent social status, and the most prevalent pastimes.

Virtually, each coin has two sides. There are also lots of disadvantages living in first-tier cities. With the explosive growth of house price and higher price of modities,inevitably, you would burden more pressure living in big cities. Likewise, big city has a dense and large population. As a result, you may encounter vast crowds of people when you are out, and you have to wait in a long queues at the hospitals when you get ill as well.

In my points, only by discovering yourself and knowing what's your niche areas can you hope to lead a better life. As for fortune, as for fame, they are of no consequence just like floating clouds. Nothing is more significant than your own happiness.


无论是身处学校还是步入社会,大家都经常接触到作文吧,作文是一种言语活动,具有高度的`综合性和创造性。那么一般作文是怎么写的呢?以下是小编为大家收集的living in a big city英语作文,欢迎大家借鉴与参考,希望对大家有所帮助。

Someone may choose to live at countryside rather than in a big city as they think the countryside has fresh air and no traffic jam.But for me,I like to live in a big city,because there're lots of benefits of living in a big city.Firstly,if you live in a big city,you can buy what you want anytime at day or night,because there're so many supermarkets open for 24 hours one day.This will save you a lot of trouble to buy things as you could find anything you want in the supermarket or a mall.Secondly,you could feel the modernization of the city.The development of the city will broaden your horizen and let you learn more.This you can only get by living in a city,not at countryside.At last,the children living in a big city can enjoy better education than the countryside kids.Because there are many good schools and good teachers.So you can learn more knowledge in a big city.In one word,I would like to live in a big city because there're really so many benefits.


City and CountrysideI live in a big city. But this summer holiday I want to go to the countryside to relax.The big city is modern and lively, but there is much noise, pollution, traffic, and the people in it are very busy. I don’t like it.I like to visit nice and quiet countryside far away from the city. I like walking where there are no shops, crowds or the tube. The air is fresh, the water is clean, the trees are green, and the atmosphere is quiet. I can boat in the lake, fish and swim in the river, climb the hills and pick up the fruit.I hope that I can go to the countryside. That will be very interesting and healthy.