淡泊人生 中考英语词汇

n.男孩; 男青年; 年少的儿子; 做某工作的男孩(或小伙子); 伙计




男孩;男青年a male child or a young male person

a little/small/young boy 小男孩;小伙子

I used to play here as a boy.我小时候常在这里玩。

The older boys at school used to tease him.学校里大一些的男生过去常常取笑他。

Now she's a teenager, she's starting to be interested in boys.她现在已经是个十几岁的姑娘了,开始对男孩子感兴趣。

年少的儿子a young son

They have two boys and a girl.他们有两个儿子和一个女儿。

Her eldest boy is at college.她的长子在上大学。

做某工作的男孩(或小伙子);伙计a boy or young man who does a particular job

a delivery boy报童

(指称某地等的人)a way of talking about sb who comes from a particular place, etc.

He's a local boy .他是本地人。

a city/country boy 城里 / 乡下来的人

一帮男伙伴a group of male friends who often go out together

a night out with the boys和弟兄们一同消遣的一夜

(对本国士兵的昵称)兵哥哥们,小伙子们a way of talking with affection about your country's soldiers

(尤为旧时不礼貌地称呼黑人男子用)黑仔,小子used as an offensive way of addressing a black man, especially in the past


(表示惊奇、高兴、痛苦等)used to express feelings of surprise, pleasure, pain, etc.

Boy, it sure is hot!嗬,真够辣的!

Oh boy! That's great!哇!真了不起!


N-COUNT 男孩;男童A boy is a child who will grow up to be a man.I knew him when he was a little boy...他还是个小男孩的时候我就认识他了。

He was still just a boy.他还只是个孩子。

N-COUNT 男青年,小伙子(尤用于指青年男女恋爱关系时)You can refer to a young man as a boy, especially when talking about relationships between boys and girls....the age when girls get interested in boys.姑娘开始对小伙子感兴趣的年龄

N-COUNT 儿子Someone's boy is their son.Eric was my cousin Edward's boy...埃里克是我表兄爱德华的儿子。

I have two boys.我有两个儿子。

N-COUNT 家伙,伙计(尤用于亲切谈论某人时)You can refer to a man as a boy, especially when you are talking about him in an affectionate way....the local boy who made President...当上总统的本地小伙子

'Come on boys', he shouted to the sailors.“加把劲儿,伙计们”,他向船员们喊道。

N-VOC 家伙,伙计(用于吆喝马或狗时)You can use boy when giving instructions to a horse or dog.Down, boy, down!趴下,小家伙,趴下!

See also: backroom boy blue-eyed boy bully-boy head boy messenger boy office boy old boy stable boy Teddy boy

警察The police are sometimes referred to as the boys in blue .

EXCLAM 好家伙(表示激动、羡慕等情感)Some people say 'boy' or 'oh boy' in order to express feelings of excitement or admiration.Oh Boy! Just think what I could tell him.哇,好家伙!想想看我会告诉他什么。

男人总归是男人(用以表示男人的典型行为不会改变)If you say boys will be boys, for example when a group of men are behaving noisily or aggressively, you are suggesting in a light-hearted way that this is typical male behaviour and will never change.

PHRASE 男子汉中的一员If a man is described as one of the boys, he is accepted by a group of male friends who do things that are thought of as typically masculine.He wants to be accepted as one of the boys.他想被人看作一个男子汉。


He's in the Boy Scouts. 他参加了童子军。

You are a bad boy for repeating what I told you 重复我对你说的话,你真是个捣蛋鬼。

He was the media's blue-eyed boy. 他是媒体的宠儿。

I knew him when he was a little boy 他还是个小男孩的时候我就认识他了。

He was still just a boy. 他还只是个孩子。

Eric was my cousin Edward's boy 埃里克是我表兄爱德华的儿子。

I have two boys. 我有两个儿子。

'Come on boys', he shouted to the sailors. “加把劲儿,伙计们”,他向船员们喊道。

Down, boy, down! 趴下,小家伙,趴下!

Oh Boy! Just think what I could tell him. 哇,好家伙!想想看我会告诉他什么。

He wants to be accepted as one of the boys. 他想被人看作一个男子汉。

That boy was rescued from a burning house. 那个男孩被人从失火的房子中救了出来。

Congratulations, you have a healthy baby boy 恭喜,你生了个健康的男孩。

I was a simple country boy from Norfolk. 我是一个来自诺福克的朴实的乡下男孩。

I'm going to be a good boy now 我现在要做个乖孩子了。

I have a little boy of 8 我有一个8岁的小男孩。

You naughty boy, you gave me such a fright. 你这调皮鬼,吓了我一跳。

I pointed at the boy sitting nearest me 我指了指坐得离我最近的男孩。

He was accused of stealing a small boy's bicycle 他被指控偷了一个小男孩的自行车。

James struck up a friendship with a small boy who owned a pony on the island. 詹姆斯和小岛上一个养了一匹小马的小男孩儿交上了朋友。

Something the boy said to him teed him off 不知那个男孩说了些什么,惹恼了他。

The boy ran away swiftly. 小男孩一溜烟儿跑了。

She gave birth to a boy. 她养了个儿子。

The boy broke the teapot. How annoying! 这男孩把茶壶打破了,真可气!

The little boy imitates his father's way of walking. 这小男孩学他父亲走路的样子。

The boy pinched my arm. 那个男孩在我的手臂上捏了一下。

The boy traded his knife for a cricket bat. 那男孩用他的刀子换了一个板球棒。

The teacher often mixed me up with another boy of the same family name. 老师常常把我和另外一个同姓的男孩搞混了。

She has borne a boy. 她生了一个男孩。

The boy followed his father out. 那男孩跟随他父亲出去了。



the boys in blue

警察the police

boys will be boys

男孩子总归是男孩子(不必为男孩或男子的吵闹粗野大惊小怪)you should not be surprised when boys or men behave in a noisy or rough way as this is part of typical male behaviour

jobs for the boys

为亲信安排的工作(或职位);任人唯亲people use the expression jobs for the boys when they are criticizing the fact that sb in power has given work to friends or relatives

man and boy

从小到大;一辈子from when sb was young to when they were old or older

He's been doing the same job for 50 years─man and boy.他从小就干着同一份工作,有50年了。

all work and no play (makes Jack a dull boy)

只工作不玩耍,聪明的孩子也变傻it is not healthy to spend all your time working; you need to relax too



(ethnic slur) offensive and disparaging term for Black man

get out of my way, boy

a friendly informal reference to a grown man

he likes to play golf with the boys

a youthful male person

the baby was a boy

she made the boy brush his teeth every night

most soldiers are only boys in uniform

Synonym:male child

a male human offspring

their son became a famous judge

his boy is taller than he is


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改造国民性,汉语词组,拼音为gǎi zào guó mín xìng,意思是改变打造人民,使他们变得有气质,有血性。


孛儿只斤·铁木真(1162年5月31日—1227年8月25日),蒙古帝国可汗,尊号“成吉思汗”,意为“拥有海洋四方”。世界史上杰出的政治家、军事家。1162年出生在漠北草原斡难河上游地区,取名铁木真。1206年春天建立大蒙古国,此后多次发动对外征服战争,征服地域西达中亚、东欧的黑海海滨。1227年在征伐西夏的时候去世,之后被密葬。 1265年十月,元世祖忽必烈追尊成吉思汗庙号为太祖。1266年十月,太庙建成,制尊谥庙号,元世祖追尊成吉思汗谥号为圣武皇帝。1309年十二月,元武宗海山加上尊谥法天启运,庙号太祖。从此之后,成吉思汗的谥号变为法天启运圣武皇帝。